• Accident & Health

    Sep 23rd, 2013

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  • Aged and Community Care

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    Pen Underwriting offers specialist insurance expertise combined with exceptional service and first rate local and Lloyd’s security to provide our broker clients with great coverage options across a wide range of product lines. Our experienced Care team have developed manuscript wordings which address the unique needs of the Aged and Community Care sector, offering our Brokers broader coverage and buying power.

    We facilitate the placement of insurance for those who care for Geriatrics, Adults and Youths including:

    • Residential Aged Care Facilities
    • Serviced Apartments and Assisted Living
    • Facility Respite Care and Convalescing Care
    • Residential Supported Living Facilities
    • Retirement living and Independent living units
    • Day Care Centres for the Aged and/or Disabled
    • Domestic Assistance / Personal Care
    • At Home Nursing Care
    • At Home Respite Care
    • Transport and Social Support
    • Home Maintenance, Modifications for the Aged and Disabled
    • Meals and other Food Services
    • Aged and Disability Services Eligibility Assessment
    • RTO specialising in Home Care or Aged Care
    • Consultants to the Care Industry
    • Palliative Care

    Our Industry Specific products:

    • Broadform Public and Products Liability
    • Medical Malpractice / Professional Indemnity
    • Management Liability
    • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability (including Statutory Liability and Tax Audit)
    • Employment Practices Liability
    • Industrial Special Risks
    • Machinery and Electronic Breakdown
    • Crime
    • Personal Accident for Voluntary Workers


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  • Claims

    Sep 23rd, 1999

    We understand that when your client has a claim it can be a highly stressful time.  Our team of claims experts is committed to resolving claims in an efficient and transparent manner.

    To Make a Claim:

    P: +61 7 3056 1400
    F: +61 7 3056 1477
    E: claims.au@penunderwriting.com
    Post: GPO Box 541
    Brisbane QLD 4001

    On receipt of a Claim, we will

    • Confirm receipt of the claim
    • Advise you of our claim number
    • Advise you if you need to complete a claim form
    • Advise you if further information is required
    • Advise you of the step we will be taking in handling your claim.
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  • Construction

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    Construction Insurance is made easy by our underwriting team. With over 80 years combined experience, we offer the following:

    • Commercial / Industrial Building Construction
    • Residential Building Construction
    • Civil Construction
    • Mechanical / Electrical installations
    • Fabrication risks
    • Advance Consequential Loss
    • Plant and Machinery Installation
    • Construction Plant and Machinery
    • Construction Liability

    We offer

    • Significant capacity
    • Lead, co-line or follow form
    • Annual, and single project cover
    • Difference in Deductibles
    • Cover for high hazard and hard to place risks



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  • Contingency

    Sep 23rd, 2009

    Pen Underwriting offers tailored event cancellation insurance in case an event is unavoidably cancelled, postponed, abandoned, interrupted, restricted or relocated.  Our specialist underwriters will tailor our product to meet your client’s specific needs when it comes to holding or arranging events, promotions, prizes and sponsorships.

    Who do we cover?

    • Major acts and artists;
    • Concerts and events;
    • Producers of theatre shows, musicals or similar;
    • Small bands on tour at small venues, festivals and events;
    • Fairs, fetes and shows;
    • Graduation ceremonies;
    • Conferences and expos (annual and event specific);
    • Promoters and third party suppliers with costs, expenses and revenue dependent on the event;
    • Venues expecting revenue for bookings dependent on the acts;
    • Event organisers wanting to offer an incentive prize to attract customers, patrons, attendees;
    • Media companies, broadcasters, sponsors, advertisers and promotion agencies;
    • Product launches;
    • Advertising campaigns.

    What do we cover?

    • Cancellation and Abandonment including adverse weather.
    • Non Appearance:
      • Key speakers,
      • Artists,
      • Performers.
    • Prize Indemnity:
      • Hole In One,
      • Sporting Promotions,
      • Prize draws.


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  • Liability – General

    Sep 7th, 2008

    The Pen Underwriting Liability products, combined with our underwriting expertise, allows our underwriters to provide brokers with underwriting solutions to the most complex of liability programs.Our underwriters are trained to work with brokers and tailor our coverage to suit the individual needs of clients. This, combined with a broad capacity to underwrite harder to place and technical occupations, makes Pen Underwriting the preferred choice of many brokers.


    Some of our harder to place Liability risks in which we have specialist capabilities, experience and focus include:

        • Airside Risks
        • Automatic Sprinkler Systems Contractors
        • Building Material Manufacturers
        • Cement Manufacturers
        • Chemical Manufacturers
        • Construction and Civil
        • Contract Drillers & Associated Contractors to the Drilling Industry
        • Critical Motor & Truck Parts Manufacturing & Importing
        • Employment Agencies/Labour Placement
        • Fertilizer Manufacturers
        • Industrial Gas Manufacturers
        • Meat Products Processing
        • Medical Products
        • Mining Operations including Underground Services to Mining
        • Mining Risks and Contractors
        • Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Importers & Converters
        • New Energy Processes and related By-Products from Recycling
        • Pesticides & Herbicides Manufacturers
        • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers/Wholesalers
        • Railway Maintenance & Ancillary Work
        • Railway Products
        • Services to the Petro-Chemical Industry including Offshore Contracting
        • Stock Feed Manufacturers
        • Pyrotechnic Contractors/Manufacturers
        • Tyre Remoulding Retreading Vulcanising & Importers
        • USA Exports.


    Additional covers available include Liability under Contract and Errors & Omissions:

          • General Combined liability
          • Public Liability
          • Products Liability
          • Excess Liability
          • Umbrella Liability
          • Errors & Omissions extensions
          • Contractual liability extensions.


    The above is merely a selection of what can prove to be more technical risk types with limited placement markets, but is by no means exhaustive of the industries we like to write.

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  • Liability – Niche

    Sep 23rd, 2007

    Although our speciality is developing exclusive products for existing and developing broker portfolios, we also have a non exclusive industry product range to cover:

    • Cafes and Restaurants (licensed or non-licensed)
    • Entertainment Industry – ancillary covers (lighting / sound / staging / special effects)
    • Contingency / Event Insurance
    • Vacant Land / Property Owners and Strata Plans
    • Accommodation Risks
    • Hotels and Pubs
    • Licensed Clubs
    • Cleaners
    • Tattoo Studios
    • Boarding Houses / Hostels
    • Backpackers
    • Indoor Play Centres
    • Theatres
    • Market Operators

    Added to that, the most experienced leisure liability team in the market can provide coverage on the following occupations:

    • Amusement ride operators
    • Adventure tourism
    • Aquatic centres
    • Bungee trampolines
    • Canoe and Kayak tours
    • Circuses
    • Game arcades
    • Ice Skating Rinks
    • Indoor climbing gyms
    • Instructors of leisure activties
    • Laser games
    • Mobile animal farms
    • Zoos and wildlife displays
    • Many other leisure opportunties.
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  • Professional Risks

    Sep 23rd, 2014

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  • Property

    Sep 23rd, 2002

    At Pen Underwriting, we offer a full range of underwriting expertise starting from commercial property, to manufacturing and industrial manufacturing risks, to the specialised niche occupation groups, some of which are listed below.

    • Commercial Property – multi-occupancy
    • Product Manufacturing (Light to Heavy)
    • Abattoirs
    • Adult Industry
    • Backpackers
    • Bakeries
    • Cold Storage
    • Fibreglassing
    • Food Industry
    • Furniture Showrooms
    • High Street Food Outlets
    • Nightclubs
    • Plastics Fabrication
    • Clubs, Hotels, Motels
    • Retail Outlets
    • Rubber Works
    • Textile Industry
    • Warehousing
    • Wood Industry

    We consider our capacity levels to be market leading for our segment with an ability to increase where the client’s operation requires higher limit consideration.  We offer

    • Broad range of occupations
    • High hazard and hard to place risks
    • ISR – 100%, Lead or Follow lines
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  • Summit Prestige Home Insurance

    Sep 23rd, 2000

    Pen Underwriting’s Summit Prestige Home Insurance Policy is designed to offer your clients broad and comprehensive Worldwide cover, written in plain language in an easy to read format.

    Our minimum Sums Insured are Building Sum Insured $800,000 & Contents Sum Insured $200,000.

    Coverage Options:

    • Accidental loss or damage to Your Building
    • Accidental loss or damage to Your Contents
    • Accidental loss or damage to Your Specified Valuables
    • Legal liability limit $30m

    Generous Sub-limits,

    including for:

    • Subsidence, landslip and heave to your home
    • Landscaping costs and tree and branch removal
    • Unspecified jewellery, precious metals, fine art and sporting equipment
    • Home office equipment
    • Temporary accommodation and essential purchases cover if your home becomes
    • Contents cover for immediate family members in care at a residential care facility

    Other notable features:

    • Cash settlement, at your client’s option
    • Automatic cover for contents in a newly acquired principal residence for up to 30 days
    • Flood cover considered on application
    • Fire Department response charges up to $5,000
    • Home modification costs necessary following accident resulting in permanent disability
    • Mortgage discharge costs up to $5,000 following total loss
    • Accidental vermin, rodents or insect damage up to $20,000
    • Up to $10,000 for food spoilage following electrical or mechanical breakdown of domestic freezer or refrigerator
    • Up to $20,000 for restoration costs following identity fraud
    • Veterinary costs of up to $10,000 for pets as a result of accident
    • Relocation costs of up to $50,000 following violent crime
    • Nil excess for Specified Valuables

    Pen Underwriting have protected the home and possessions of prestige policyholders for many years and understand the importance of a first class product and underwriting and claims service.

    Jo and her team will be delighted to help you.

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