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We underwrite and facilitate the placement of an extensive range of Care related occupations, including those listed.

Please speak to one of our Care Underwriters if you require bespoke coverage for any other business activities – we are happy to help.

  • Residential Aged Care facilities
  • Serviced apartments and assisted living
  • Respite care facilities and convalescent care
  • Supported Living facilities
  • Retirement Villages
  • Independent Living units
  • Accommodation and shared housing for people with disability
  • Assessment for support funding eligibility and support regarding funding options
  • Assistance with Household tasks
  • Assistance for independent living
  • Assistance regarding Transportation
  • At home respite care
  • At home nursing care
  • Centre based day care
  • Home modification and Maintenance
  • Life choice improvement advice and Life Coaching
  • Massage therapy
  • Maintenance therapy and exercise training for family or carers
  • Nursing agency personnel placement if working in the aged or disability care industry
  • Palliative care
  • Physical wellbeing activities
  • Preparation and delivery of meals
  • Relationship counselling
  • Rehabilitation support
  • Support regarding community participation
  • Support in finding and retaining employment for people with a disability
  • Support for disabled persons with high medical needs
  • Support in managing diet and wellbeing
  • Sale of goods and equipment and aids for people with a disability
  • Vacation and outside schools hours care
  • Consultancy to or advocacy for the care industry
  • Registered Training Organisations that specialise in care related courses
  • Placement agencies for people with a disability
  • Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy as part of a care business
  • Meals on Wheels

Q – Can you write risks where the insured has children in their care?

A – Yes we can but the risk type must fall within the range of risks noted above, we do not write Child minding centres, Kindergartens, Long day care facilities, after schools care, nannies or babysitting.

Q – Do you write adventure activities?

A – If this activity forms a minor part of the insureds overall care program for the disabled and we are satisfied the risk is well managed (usually contracted out to an expert third party) and the activity relates to team building or trust then we would consider its inclusion into the coverage we offer.
Please note the policy has an injury to participants’ exclusion for injury to those who participate in contact sports.

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