In the past 12 months, the Australian Government has closed one aged care facility each month and an increasing number of facilities have had sanctions imposed requiring them to improve care.

Last Sunday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that there will be an inquiry into the quality of care in nursing homes and the broader aged care sector and warned that Australians should brace for some ”bruising” information to come out.

“The inquiry comes as the number of Australians moving into residential care is set to rise sharply as the nation’s population ages. The changing nature of aged care meant some providers have struggled to keep up”, he said.

Pen have been committed to the Care Industry for 15 years and when the going gets tough, we will continue to support an industry that we believe provides an invaluable service to the community with the vast majority of providers and their staff doing amazing work.

At Pen, we care, and we want to help you provide great insurance to those in our community who take care of the elderly and the vulnerable people in our society.

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